About Chapter 93

AFSCME Retiree Chapter 93 works hard for the seniors of today and our future retirees. The Retiree chapter
is lead by Ed Keefe (MA) as it's President. Vice presidents are Kevin Leeman (ME), Natalie Baker (MA),
and Ken Fanjoy (NH). Barbara Mann (MA) serves as Treasurer. Archie Janvrin (MA) handles the duties of Recording
Secretary. With the help of 10 executive board members, the chapter looks out for the best interests of AFSCME
retirees in all four states under Council 93's jurisdiction.

Membership in Retiree Chapter 93 is the best bargain around at $24 a year. A number of AFSCME locals pay their
retiring members' first year dues when they leave active employment. We would like to see more of our locals
offer that benefit to their retiring members. In Maine, retiree dues are on automatic dues deduction, and
eventually we'd like to see that happen in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. The retiree chapter has been
working with vendors to offer financial planning, car and home insurance benefits and hearing benefits to its members.

The chapter is politically active in the local and regional community as well as on a national scale. Being aware
that AFSCME retirees are an active voting block, the state and federal government works with AFSCME regionally and
in Washington, DC to make sure retiree interests are protected.

Nationally, health care reform remains the biggest concern of all of AFSCME's retiree chapters. The population
is aging, Medicare beneficiaries are living longer, and costs throughout the health care system are exploding.
These are the three major reasons why Medicare costs are going up. Retiree groups across the United States realize
that changes must be made but they agree that the changes need to be the right ones including new efficiencies and
money-saving measures that stretch dollars without penalizing seniors.

Medicare doesn't begin until age 65 so individuals retiring before that age face serious and costly problems
of paying for health insurance. AFSCME retiree chapters across the nation realize national health care reform can
control costs, preserve benefits and insure everyone. Unless changes are made through the health-care system, workers
and retirees can expect an endless round of benefit cuts and the possibility that more seniors will become uninsured.

Today, public service workers are under attack as never before. In states across the country, the women and men
who provide the vital services that keep communities strong are blamed for economic problems they did not create.
But rather than solve problems by creating jobs, anti-union anti-worker governors and legislatures are renewing
efforts to cut hard-earned benefits. Even worse, they are stripping public service workers of fundamental collective
bargaining rights.

Retiree Chapter 93 will continue to work with local legislators and the International Union to make sure our
retirees are not forgotten. They worked hard for their benefits, they earned them, and we will be there to protect
them! Every year the chapter sponsors an ad in the annual Massachusetts Senior Action Council ad book, keeping
Retirees Chapter 93 out front in the fight for seniors' interests. They are a regular contributor to Council 93's
Scholarship Fund which provides financial help to college students.

Chapter 93 annually donates to the Food & Medicine program which feeds Tgansgivubg dinners for the needy.

Whether it's a local event or a national call to activism, AFSCME retirees can be counted on to do whatever
they can do - and be wherever they can be - to promote AFSCME's retiree chapter to keep it strong and vibrant.

Attention AFSCME Retirees:

We have an important update on our efforts to repeal GPO/WEP. Senator Sherrod Brown (OH) is circulating the Social Security Fairness Act for co-sponsors in the 117th Congress. The Social Security Fairness Act will repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO).

You can help generate momentum for this bill by emailing or calling your Senator’s office and asking them to join as an original co-sponsor.

WEP, which affects approximately 1.9 million individuals nationwide, reduces the Social Security benefits of retirees that both receive a pension from working in a non-covered Social Security job and for working less than 30 years in a covered Social Security job. Using a modified Social Security formula, SSA drastically cuts the percentage a retiree receives from the first $996 (adjusted annually) of Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME) from 90 percent to 40 percent.

GPO, which affects over 700,000 Social Security beneficiaries, applies to those receiving Social Security spousal or widow(er)’s benefits. Individuals that fall under this provision are subject to a 2/3 reduction in their Social Security spousal or widow(er)’s benefits.

These two unfair policies primarily affect state and local government retirees. Public service should never lead to draconian cuts in Social Security benefits. This bipartisan bill would make this right for teachers, first responders, and other public sector workers that have rightfully earned their Social Security benefits.

Please take a quick moment to email or call your Senator’s office today and ask them to join the Social Security Fairness Act as an original co-sponsor. The deadline to become an original co-sponsor is April 21. So please call today and ask your Senators to co-sponsor Sen. Brown’s GPO/WEP repeal bill (a list of co-sponsors from the Bill in the last Congress is below).

Cosponsors in the 116th (the last) Congress : Baldwin, Leahy, Whitehouse, Casey, Hassan, Harris, Udall, Reed, King, Sanders, Warren, Menendez, Booker, Murray, Duckworth, Van Hollen, Klobuchar, Markey, Gillibrand, Hirono, Murphy, Cortez Masto, Tester, Merkley, Feinstein, Sinema, Stabenow, Peters, Smith, Rosen, Durbin, Bennet, Collins, Murkowski, Boozman, Kennedy, and Cassidy



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